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  • Sales & Marketing


  1. Number of Quotations to be submitted to Customers by each Sales Person – (60 per Month)
  2. Number of Customer Visits by each Sales Person, with Customer faces Roles – (80 per Month)
  3. Conversion Rate (Quotations to Actual Sales) – 20% (of the Quoted Value)
  4. Number of New Customers Acquired by each Sales Person – (1 per Month)
  5. Number of Lapsed Customers reactivated, by each Sales Person – (2 per Month)
  6. Competitive Pricing Strategy & Perceived Quality Pricing Strategy to be adopted – (Sales Team)
  7. New Products Launched – (minimum of 6 per Annum)
  8. Using KAM Techniques and Paratoo Rule, Service  Top 20 Customers who contribute towards 80% of the Total Revenue of the Company – define Service Standards accordingly (Speed of Quotations, Delivery, Payment Terms & Customized Promotions)
  9. Categorize Customers as Platinum, Gold, and Silver– (based on Volumes/Values purchased, Number of Years with the Company, Credit Worthiness, % of Business given to Competition, Level of Loyalty etc.)
  10. Senior Management Visits – (targeting Top 20 Customers, explained under Point-7 above)
  11. Seminars & Technical Workshops Organized targeting Key Accounts – (4 per Annum)
  12. Promotional & Communication Campaigns undertaken – (based on performance of each SBU & a allocate 7.5% to 20% for such Campaigns from the Annual SBU Budget)
  13. Reduce the Non Moving Stock – (introduction of Bundled Offers on a Monthly basis)
  14. Reference Letters obtained from Clients, for satisfactory completion – (for all Large Projects)
  15. Customer Satisfaction Index – (to be Increased by 20% by December 2014)


  • Manufacturing


  1. Attention to Detail - (for All Customers)
  2. Speed of providing Estimates & BOQ’s – (define Standards based on Customer Categorization & expressed via External Communications)
  3. Speed of Completion of Projects undertaken - (define Standards based on Customer Categorization & stipulated Terms and Conditions)
  4. Compliance with Quality Standards – (as per Customer Requirements & stipulated Terms and Conditions)
  5. Set up Project Teams in Manufacturing – (to undertake a Project, based on the Scope of Work & Magnitude of each Project, to ensure timely completion)
  6. Reward Schemes to be introduced – (based on the timely Completion of each Project, linked to Customer Satisfaction)
  7. Increase Production Capacity & Automation of Manufacturing Facilities, based on Performance Measures set – (Senior Management)


  • Logistics


    • Raw Material Sourcing – (from a Global Supplier base, with Accreditation)
    • Reduce the Bargaining Power of Suppliers – (Bulk Booking, depending on the Annual consumption of Raw Materials & Goods ordered for Trading activity)
    • Effect JIT (Just in Time) Delivery – (to minimize the tie up of Capital)
    • Increase the Product Portfolio – (based on Market Trends & in consultation with the Sales & Marketing Department)
    • Customer Deliveries to be met as per Promised deadlines – (Logistics Department)